I teach currently two Master Classes per year. One in the Fall Semester at the AMCI school in Mexico City for postgraduate students focusing more in narrative and editing, and the second during the Spring Semester at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts focusing more on Color Correction, Color Grading and Deliveries.

My most recent project (Dec/2022 – Feb/2023) was working as a VFX artist on the Cecilia TV series. I’m currently working as a Director and Motion Artist on the music video for the single released by the Swiss band, Agent Flipper.

My first interaction with general Post-production was at Cluster Studio, (2008-2011), where I got a general knowledge of Editing, Animation, VFX Compositing, Color Correction, Color Grading and Deliveries of TV spots and Films. From this experience, I acquired enough knowledge on how to organize correctly a pipeline and coordinate a team of artists for any specific project.

Later, based on a personal portfolio of proven experience and also theoretical knowledge was that I was called to teach this course in the same University i did a Master of Arts in Film.

*Among several books in the bibliography I use, Color Correction Look Book by Alexis Van Hurkman explains the main difference between Color Correction and Color Grading.

2D and 3D tracking

In this project, I assited D.P. Alain Noguez on the calculations and positions during the Hyperlapse sequences (contrary to a timelapse, a hyperlapse is created from videos or pictures taken from a moving camera).

After Effects / Tracking X Y Z Camera without tracking points

Producer Valeria Sánchez from Elura Films, asked me to develop the 2D animation texts, 3D animated sequences and VFX.

Cinema 4D / Tracking 3D contrast points / 3D map for solid shapes

Clean up of Chroma Key

Blue Screen + Compositing with 3D renders

In this short-film, I integrated my own 3D modeled Fauvist-Woods as a landscape background of a still-photographic image.

Green Screen + 2D plate

This web spot was developed at the University of Arts and Design of Luzern. They shot without lighting properly the green screen behind in Full HD and without the S-log feature.

I decided to post this work because with a big effort on Chroma Key settings, and a decent Color Correction and Color Grading, the results were satisfying.

I also did the editing, including music selection.

original raw

Chroma Key without CC

Color Correction & Color Grading

Color Correction is the basic technique in which according to a specific Color Space the Luma and Chroma Channels are more close to the images that were filmed.

Instead, Color Grading is the artistic process in which the Colorist (or Color Engineer) decides in compliance with the Directress(or).

The tool I use for it is DaVinci Resolve and I love to do both, which allows me to do masking, tracking masks for specific regions of color and keyframing levels.

Tracking masks in Color Correction allows me to have different settings for both Luma and Chroma channels which can also be keyframed according to a specific intention.