This is a video series tutorial for employees of CFM, who need to know some aspects of the company rules and policies.

In 2019, the communication team of the company asked us, D.P. Carlos Sánchez and me, to develop a tutorial series aimed at the truck drivers of the company. We attended meetings with the head responsible for different areas of the company, such as Technical Procedures, Payment Resolutions, Client Deliveries, and Government Border Regulations. From each meeting, we developed a script, and from it the whole production.

Once we had the footage, I worked on the editing and sound mixing. Graphic animations were planned in the script to ensure the comprehension of difficult aspects or to avoid expensive film locations.

I developed a character and different sets and objects according to each video, some of them in 2D illustration and some others in 3D.

Here you can watch one of more than 20 videos delivered to Central de Fletes Monterrey between 2019 and 2021.