Documentary Film 42′ minute-length

In July 2020, during my studies of Arts in Film, directress Laetitia Guerin asked me to join a very difficult task: To develop a documentary without a Script. This has been one of the hardest challenges in creating a narrative structure from scratch.
After several months in an improvised editing room in France, we successfully shaped more than 30 hours of footage into a 43-minute length documentary.

My tasks started with the development of a meaningful narrative structure, until the final cut, color correction and the post-production of cinema deliveries, such as subtitled DCPs. Proudly, TemazcalToci has been nominated in 4 Film Festivals until now.

Nominee at ECU Film Festival / Paris 2022, Semana de Cine Latinoamericano, Argentina 2022, Lisboa Indie Film Festival 2022 and L’HIFF / Barcelona 2022, this documentary film is an intimate prayer dedicated to Temazcal Toci, an ancient Aztec divinity and it invites us to reflect upon our bond with Mother Earth and our connection to the spiritual world. A journey to the heart of the vibrant culture that is the pulse of Mexico.

42′ Length Documentary Film.

Director: Laetitia Guerin

Montage & Editing: Carlos Soto

DP: Alex Trejo

Original Music: Noemi Gasparini / Tatiana Romero / (…)